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After using Brain Changer for 14 weeks

My chronic pain scores are now 4 to 5 out of 10 compared to 7 to 8 out of 10 when I started using the game. I’ve managed to cut my opioids medications down by a third since Jan! I’ve started having long periods of almost no pain and can recover quickly from flare ups which are also lower than before. It’s still hard each day to keep the discipline of micro managing my life. But I’m certain now I’m going to become pain free this year. And also will be totally off medication in 7 months. That’s my plan.


After using Brain Changer for 3 months

I started devouring pain education and research a few years before I was introduced to Brain Changer. I was making strides in moving building the fundamental strategies of pain management into my life, pacing, creativity, exercise but doing these all one at a time and only focusing on one piece of the puzzle at a time. Brain Changer is a revolutionary method of pulling all the latest research into one manageable tool that holds your hand the entire way through your day.

In just over three months I am having pain free days. I have increased my activity incredibly, my brain is clearer, I am able to keep track of more and have managed to reduce my as needed medications. In such a short amount of time I am actually starting to plan for a life that can have options, where I can do whatever I dream. Brain Changer is giving me the opportunity to slant my activities in the direction of those dreams I once thought were impossible.

My medical team are shocked at how far I’ve come in such a short time. Friends tell me this is the best they have seen since I before I got sick. 17 years ago. Brain Changer is something I have no plans on giving up.


After using Brain Changer for 5 months

This program now has me off narcotics but still on lyrica, looking forward to titrating that down.  But more importantly, my pain levels have dropped dramatically.  I still have to manage unplanned confrontations with life but otherwise I now have more pain free days than days with pain.  It works.


Brain Changer 

Brain Changer has been developed by a chronic pain sufferer (who is now pain free) in conjunction with physiotherapists and psychologists who specialize in pain management.  Feedback from GPs, pain psychologists and physiotherapists is that it’s the missing link in pain rehabilitation programs.  Our users say it’s changing their lives.