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  • Transfer of pain management principles from the clinic into clients’ daily lives

  • Framework for discussing what is working and what isn’t in a client’s life

  • Clients motivated by daily Brain Science Bites

  • Clients have access to an online support network


The Brain Changer is a truely amazing tool that I have now been using with my pain management clients for some 6 months. It has assisted greatly in the application of pain management principles, which some clients struggle to implement into everyday life. The notion of the Brain Changer being the ‘hand rail’ for people to use as they regain control over their pain is one of the key features. The Brain Changer assists clients to apply strategies to their everyday life, such as; graded exposure, pacing, SIMS, and desensitisation. There is also a huge focus on the importance of safety, confidence and repetition, which is what the brain needs to reprogram itself from chronic pain.  I also think the 8 weeks of ‘science bites’ and the supportive network on social media, helps clients keep this paradigm at the forefront of their mind. The Brain Changer has certainly assisted me greatly in clinical practice.

Kerrianne Abbott, Kerrianne Abbott Psychology Services, Canberra