Brain Changer Program – Monthly Subscription

$15.00 / month

Use the program on your computer, phone and tablet through our App.



Access to the following Brain Changer tools:

  1. Graded exposure Give yourself the space to recover by not overdoing or underdoing daily activity with the Brain Changer Activity Cards.
  2. Safety signaling Start rewiring your nervous system for comfort by building small, frequent positive experiences into your day via the Brain Changer Safety Cards.
  3. Danger identification Identify the triggers for your chronic pain – some of them will probably surprise you – and start diffusing them with our Scoring System.
  4. Scoring system Avoid flare ups! Also get more value out of your medical appointments when you bring your Brain Changer Data to the table.
  5. Brain Science Bites We’ll keep you motivated each day with a small bite of brain science and a prompt to apply it in your day
  6. Progress reports See your recovery in action (from Month 2 of subscription)
  7. Online Training Module  The science behind Brain Changer explained in a fun, interactive online module that you can work through at your own pace (it takes about one hour to complete).


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