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We’re looking for people to change the world of pain care.
Our Values
Equity of Voices
In health and care, some voices have power and some voices go unheard. The voices of professionals have been the dominant voice, meaning that people experiencing problems have been reduced to passive consumers. For people to get well, and live well, they need to find their voice and have it heard. We raise up unheard voices within our teams, with our clients and stakeholders and within our social sphere of influence.
Power in Perspectives
Treating a complex condition like pain requires flexible, creative and collaborative problem solving. It requires a healthy comfort with uncertainty and the willingness to change and adapt. As we help people with pain, so we work within our teams, with academic and industry partners and with external stakeholders to enable all perspectives to be heard and valued.
Assume Positive Intent
Feedback. We need it to change, but sometimes it hurts. We want to always be the best, but sometimes you’ve got to change direction. We openly seek feedback (and not just positive!) and stay open to the possibilities that it can bring. Only by shining a light on our dark spots can be grow and serve people better, and we assume that’s what people want for us too.
Empower Solutions
There are a lot of problems out there, and we don’t shy away from them. Some are within our control, and many are not. Finding solutions quickly and efficiently enable us to deliver exceptional service and value to the people we serve. Bring us your solutions to the problems that you see, and your thinking behind it, and we’ll find ways to help you fix as many problems as possible.
Hustle Smart
Fast growing companies like ours always feel a bit lean and hungry. You might feel like you’re always needing a bit more (time, resources, bandwidth). Success means hustling smart, not just hard. Use determination, creativity, resourcefulness, and constant prioritization. Figure out what is needed and what is not, and let’s adapt things to make them work better. Remove friction so you can take the time you need to rest and recharge.
Grow Together
Working together achieved more than we ever could alone. We seek diversity of experiences, share creative ideas, ask questions, and act with a spirit of collaboration. Both inside our team and with the people that we serve. We encourage productive dissent and actionable feedback, without losing the instinct for kindness, forgiveness, and honesty.
We use our product everyday
Work global, live local
Lean and agile
Healthcare with a twist
We use our product everyday
Scoring halos and zombies, and planning your day for safety and wellbeing is not just for people in pain.

Living well (and working well) requires you to be a whole person – having experiences of learning, growth, challenge and engagement with life.

It’s important that you approach building and using our product in coaching from the inside – as a user.
Work global, live local
Brain Changer is a remote-work company, originally founded in Canberra, Australia. We work remotely because to reach people in pain that need help via telemedicine, we can work from anywhere.

You can live where you love, and spend the money you earn in your local community.

You can even travel – and still maintain an income!
Lean and agile
To navigate the twists and turns of business, you’ll get stuck if you can’t make fast changes.

We continually test, change and adapt our systems and processes to deliver the best experiences for our clients, coaches, employees and stakeholders.

Not used to the pace of change? Great – learning new skills and finding comfort in change is what Brain Changer is all about.
We use our product everyday
Our coaches and peer mentors have deep knowledge of health care systems and experiences. It’s easy to slip into that system and forget that we don’t have to be boxed in by traditional ways of thinking.

Brain Changer’s personal, ethical and personal commitment to best quality care for people in pain is unwavering. To do that, we’ll have to challenge some established norms and be part of a Pain Revolution.
Coaching Positions
We’re hiring coaches on a rolling basis for our compensable and private paying clients.
Core Competencies
  • Australian registered health professional (physiotherapist, occupational therapist, exercise physiologist)
  • Post-graduate pain science education graduate
  • Confident delivering telemedicine and psychologically-informed care.
  • Happy to learn and deliver a systematised behaviour change program and use your clinical skills to personalise that to individual needs.
Interested in becoming a Brain Changer coach?
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Open Positions and Possibilities
We’re always on the lookout for smart people to join our team.

We’ll be hiring for behavioural and interaction design and digital practice management in 2023.

If you love what we’re doing, please email a resume and expression of interest to and let’s talk!