People in pain are at the heart of everything that we do. We involve people with a lived experience of pain at every level of our program and company.

Getting help for pain that persists has so many ups and downs.

You probably have so many different scary sounding diagnosis and unhelpful suggestions made by the people that you turn to for help.

Or the helpful and supportive people around you might not have quite the right information to help you recover, even with the best of empathy and intentions.

Pain sucks, we get it and we’ve been there too.

You've got persisting pain, and you'd like it to be gone.

You're sick of cancelling plans and putting your life on hold because of symptoms.

You're scared about the future, if this is what your symptoms are like now.

You're looking for the answers, and you'll do anything to make your pain stop.

That sounds like you're ready to make a change, but let me ask you this...

Can you set aside old information about pain, and make way for some new ideas?

Can you be patient and give yourself time for change to happen?

Can you keep taking action even if the changes might seem small to begin with?

Are you willing to experience some pain, and to let go of some of the ways you control pain, to give yourself space for change?

Get a permanent pain change, not a quick fix
Backed by science, we are offering you a sustainable solution to pain without drugs, surgery or creepy bionic implanted devices.

We can make chronic pain recovery sound very easy and step by step...

  • 1. Understand how pain works so it's not so scary
  • 2. Understand how threat and safety are balanced in your life, and how you can change them
  • 3. Look at your daily activity patterns and build in strategies of learning, self-regulation, awareness and pleasure.
  • 4. Recognise the movements and environments that you avoid, and find ways to make it safe to challenge that avoidance.
  • 5. Re-engage with a full and meaningful life in line with your values, that helps to positively reinforce the brain changes you've been making with learning and movement.
That's the blueprint, and if you can take that and make it work, we encourage you to do so.
Most people quickly discover that putting the science into practice is not as easy as it might seem. That’s how Brain Changer was invented!

Changing your brain when you have developed chronic pain takes support and encouragement to persist, because it requires you to challenge some parts of your normal life experiences.

Recovery from persisting pain is a little like managing your body weight.

Most people don't significantly change their body shape and fat composition without making a big decision to do so.

They make a decision to put what that takes above everything else. Then they take action on that goal.
They eat chicken breast and green vegetables and do high intensity exercise.
They prioritise for what matters to them (even when it's uncomfortable).
And they get help, support and accountability every step of the way.

Help, support and accountability is there for you in the Brain Changer Program for re-adaptive pain recovery.

Recovery from persisting pain still involves body change, because when you have pain and stop doing everyday activvities, you get deconditioned.

Brain Changer helps you to look at your world, your choices and your reactions to situations in new ways. The good news is that you have the power to make a difference in all of those situations.

More good news is that a large part of our program involves searching out fun, social and mentally challenging activities that give your mind and body hits of healthy happy hormones.

Of course, there's some hard stuff to overcome. Many of the ways you respond to pain have become so automatic that you might not even know you do them anymore. Slowing down, paying attention and consciously doing things differently are some other keys to success.

If you can't put that science into practice , and you're ready to try, then the 12-week Brain Changer Pain Recovery Program might be a fit for you.
What it involves
  • 18 sessions of 1 on 1 video coaching with a trained pain coach (twice per week for 6 weeks, once per week for 6 weeks)
  • Daily activities and assignments using the Brain Changer Learning platform
  • Standardised scientific outcome measures so that you can track your improvements through the 12 weeks.
  • Peer mentoring from community members that have recovered from persisting pain
  • Community support and accountability in Brain Changer's private online community
  • Co-ordination with your existing health care team to increase your circle of help and support.
Cost if accepted: $3000

Payment instalment plans are available.

For Australia: Partial rebate available through health insurance. Approved for Worker's Compensation in some states.

Early opt-out: We try to select people that are ready to succeed for this program, but if we make a mistake and you need to leave the program, we have options for you to step off gently after week 1.

Our Promise to You
We promise you that if you show up to every coaching session, do all the homework, take action based on your values and nothing changes in your life or your pain, there's a full refund waiting for you.

Of course we’ll ask questions, and get your feedback about what didn’t work so we can improve the program because that’s not the feedback we’re used to receiving!
If you’re serious about your recovery, and you’d like to be considered for the program, please fill out the online questionairre and form so that we can contact you with your results and arrange a video call.
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