Living Life on My Terms!

Living Well is...

walking my dog
visiting my friends
going on adventures
enjoying my work
minding my grandkids
digging in the garden
kicking the football around

Brain Changer is a science-based pain treatment program to help you get free from pain and back in control of your life.

Why Brain Changer Works?

Brain Changer helps you to identify and change the CAUSE of chronic pain. 

To reverse the condition, we not only focus on your body and the parts that hurt, but your nervous system and the world around you as much as well.

Brain Changer is designed for permanent pain relief, not “pain management”.

Brain Changer’s holistic approach targets the changes that happen within your brain and body, and how they make you feel. 

Movement, mindfulness, creative expression and values-driven actions help you achieve your life goals and make permanent changes to your pain.

An Alternative to Pain Management

You might have tried “everything” for your pain so far, and still been disappointed with the outcomes.

Most existing treatment programs only focus on your body or your mind, but don’t help you use the connection between the two. The emphasis on pain management also implies that pain will always have the best of you, and all you can hope to do is manage it in a day to day struggle.

You will develop an understanding of pain in the context of your whole life, including:

  • What are the things you enjoy that pain prevents you from doing?
  • What are your goals, and how is pain hindering you from achieving them?
  • What are the triggers that make your pain worse? What makes it better?
  • What steps can you take to reduce pain and get back on track towards wellness when you are derailed by a pain flareup?

You are empowered by knowledge and a skillset that allows you to do more than just manage your pain. You can take back control of your life and work towards recovery and eventually total wellness. 

Brain Changer’s unique platform combines an app with expert coaching to put the power to change your pain in your hands. Regular meetings with a coach will guide you through a comprehensive and engaging program. You’ll learn how your pain works and what to do day to day to re-wire your brain. You’ll have help in your pocket with the Brain Changer app, available on demand to keep you on track everyday.

12 Week Program Features

  • Work together with an expert coach and find the optimal path to change your pain.
  • Learn the science behind pain and apply that knowledge to change your brain.
  • Become attuned to how your life (and pain) is changing everyday (and get help when you’re stuck!)
  • Tailor the program to your needs – sleep, mood, stress, exercise, relationships, work – you might need to focus on some or all of these things to get better.
  • Get community support from peer mentors and an online support group.

If you’re Ready for Change, We’re Here to Help.

There is a lot of helpful and hopeful science that forms the backbone of the Brain Changer program.

We are passionate about helping people succeed and we recognize that you need to be ready for change and to take the courageous steps towards recovery. Not everyone who wants to change is ready for a 12-week program, so we screen our prospective clients carefully.

Start with the survey below so we can contact you individually with your results and more program information.