Recovery from chronic pain is in your hands

Brain Changer empowers people to re-think chronic pain and live well again.

Stop managing chronic pain, you can TREAT it!

Brain Changer’s 12-week pain recovery program has been developed from the latest science and clinical practice guidelines in pain neuroscience, education, movement science, behavioral health and psychologically-informed care.

But Brain Changer wasn’t developed in a research lab or a clinic. It was created by a person living with pain who was curious and committed to getting her life back. Tina Macintosh created the digital self-management system that put science into practice for her to recover from over ten years of chronic neck and arm pain.

Brain Changer gives you the tools to learn about chronic pain, and apply that learning to your life. These tools build the skills to progress towards recovery and to living your life well again.

One program for persisting pain anywhere in your body

Program Features


Start your pain recovery journey

Getting effective treatment for chronic pain can feel like you’re on a rollercoaster. There are many promises of fast “fixes” and special treatments that don’t address the whole problem. Brain Changer provides you with a way to put the science into practice and make a positive and permanent pain change.


Provide high-value pain care for your patients

It’s an everyday clinical challenge to meet the needs of people in pain with the care that supports them to recover. Referring your patients to Brain Changer helps you deliver the best evidence-based pain care direct to their homes via telemedicine. 

Small daily actions, lives changed

Brain Changer is a truly amazing tool that I have been using with my pain management clients for some 6 months. It has assisted greatly in the application of pain management principles, which some clients struggle to implement into everyday life. The notion of Brain Changer being the ‘hand-rail’ for people to use as they regain control over their pain is one of the key features. There is also a huge focus on the importance of safety, confidence and repetition, which is what the brain needs to reprogram itself from chronic pain.

Kerrianne Abbott
Kerrianne Abbott Psychology Services
Canberra, Australia

In just over three months of using Brain Changer I am having pain free days. I have increased my activity incredibly, my brain is clearer and I’ve reduced my medications. I am starting to plan for a full rich life that has options, where I can do whatever I dream!

Chronic pain sufferer for 17 years

My chronic pain scores are now 4-5 out of 10 compared to 7-8 out of 10 when I start using Brain Changer. I’ve cut my opioids medications down by a third since January! I’ve started having long periods of almost no pain and can recover quickly from flare-ups, which are lower than before. I’m certain now I’m going to become pain free this year and will be off medication in 7 months. That’s my plan.

Chronic pain sufferer for 3 years

Are you ready to start on the road to recovery?